Digital support for asylum seekers

RAIS has now received £1000 from the Urgent Response Fund to provide phone top-ups and mobile data for asylum seekers. Each individual, or each adult within a family, can apply for £20, either mobile data, or phone top-up, or split between the two.

How to apply:

Individuals and families can apply directly to RAIS by email giving their:

  • full name
  • NASS number or Port Reference number
  • number of adults in family (for family applications)
  • mobile phone number(s)
  • provider(s) (e.g. 3, EE, O2 etc.)
  • support required: phone top-up, data or both


Individuals and families can be referred by RAIS, Global Link or EMW. The referral must include all the information specified above.

Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis and each individual or family can only apply once.

The money will be transferred to their phones online.

Please send applications to with the subject ‘Digital’, or use the contact form on the website: